About Us

About CALA

The Child Abduction Lawyers Association (“CALA”) is a newly formed body of specialist child abduction lawyers, which includes the International Child Abduction and Contact Unit Panel Members.  The decision to form CALA was made at a meeting in London on 11th September 2014 and formal membership was opened at the beginning of 2015.  We are specialist solicitors, barristers, academics and others with an interest in this field.  The intention is to represent most of the specialist practitioners in this area of work.

The specific aims of CALA are:

  1. To formalise the informal network of child abduction lawyers that already exists:
  2. To improve and maintain high standards of service in matters involving child abduction;
  3. To be the collective voice of child abduction lawyers in relation to proposed legislation or Family Division changes to practice and procedure.
  4. To improve the links and communication between child abduction lawyers in England and Wales and similar specialists throughout the world.