CALA hosts its second evening seminar

01 Oct CALA hosts its second evening seminar

CALA hosted its second evening seminar at The Royal College of Surgeons on 1 October . We were thrilled that Professor Nigel Lowe, Emeritus Professor: Cardiff Law School and Saoirse Cowley and Anna Powick: Legal Advisors to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office agreed to join us and speak to us. Professor Lowe addressed us on the interplay between Brussels II Revised and the 1996 Hague Convention with a particular focus on the case of Re J, which will soon be heard by the Supreme Court and Saoirse Cowley spoke to us about the work of the FCO in child abduction cases. Her talk touched on what we as practitioners can do to ensure that we work in partnership with the FCO effectively in a child abduction case.


The lecture was followed by a drinks reception.

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