22 Apr WORKSHOP 20th April 2016: VOICE OF THE CHILD

CALA’s inaugural workshop hosted by 1KBW was a huge success this week. The workshop focused on developments in the law in this area and how and when to apply for a child to be separately represented. The workshop started with brief talks on the law by Katy Chokowry and Jennifer Perrins, followed by a lively discussion led by James Turner QC focusing on the purpose of your application for separation representation. Nick Anderson and Tom Dance provided an entertaining scene whereby Nick was a solicitor instructed by a surly teenager (Tom) which highlighted what not to do when taking instructions!!! Delegates then separated in groups to discuss the lay out and content of a statement in support of separate representation and concluded with an application made by Alistair Kirk QC before James Roberts (sitting as a High Court Judge) demonstrating what not to do. Directing and coordinating the workshop throughout was Richard Harrison QC.

A huge thank you to all at 1KBW for preparing such a thoroughly entertaining workshop and all those that attended.

Feedback has been very positive and we hope to organise a further workshop in early summer. Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Committee with ideas or topics for future workshops. All ideas welcome.

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