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CALA is delighted to introduce a pro bono Duty Advocate Scheme, involving both solicitors and counsel. This is a signposting service with the generous assistance of members firms. Please see the two rotas below;

Duty solicitors are welcome to instruct counsel who have also volunteered to be on a rota. Please see the table at the end of this document for a list of counsel’s chambers and their allocated weeks. Any counsel involved will be instructed by a solicitor.


Users of the Duty Advocate Scheme are asked to contact the allocated Duty Solicitor in the first instance.

If you are interested in joining the new duty advocate scheme. Please email CALA at


If you are a litigant in person and wish to speak with a specialist on our new duty scheme please email the solicitors on the schedule that week.


Duty Advocate Rota: Duty Solicitor

(see below for counsel’s rota)


Duty solicitors are welcome to instruct counsel who have also volunteered to be on a rota. Please see the table at the end of this document for a list of counsel’s chambers and their allocated weeks. Any counsel involved will be instructed by a solicitor.

Users of the Duty Advocate Scheme are asked to contact the allocated Duty Solicitor in the first instance.

Week Commencing
Solicitors Firm
Contact Details
Additional Languages at the firm
8 April 2024
RWK Goodman
Kim Lehal 07467511924 and 02070928528
Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu
15 April 2024
Lyons Davidson
Phillippa Morgan Joshua Roderick 03003737870
Sinhalese, Portuguese
22 April 2024
Miles and Partners
Sherma Polidore 0207 426 0400;
German, Urdu, Punjabi
29 April 2024
Lauren Hall 020 3089 2294
Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Lithuanian, Spanish
6 May 2024
Williscroft and Co
Lucy Cohen 01274 379463; Stephanie Adams 01274 305380
13 May 2024
Dawson Cornwell
Forum Shah 0207 242 2556
Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Swedish, Turkish, Azerbaijani
20 May 2024
Philcox Gray & Co
Lucy Verity 0203 207 2074
27 May 2024
Jones Myers
Anthony Parrish 01132 460055
3 June 2024
Brethertons LLP
Simon Craddock 01295 661430 07967471779
10 June 2024
Ben Hoare Bell LLP
Cris McCurley 01912 752624
17 June 2024
MSB Solicitors
Katie Camozzi 07792 197672
24 June 2024
Laura Coyle 07912 2522398
1 July 2024
Blackfords LLP
Linda Lusingu 07785 474149
8 July 2024
Wilson LLP
Amna Khaliq 0208 885 7971
15 July 2024
Best Solicitors
Martyn Wood 01142 283519
22 July 2024
Williams & Co
Naomi Yeshua 07881 952483
Hebrew, Arabic any dialect and mainstream Arabic, Urdu
29 July 2024
Russell Cooke
Natasha Kirk 07721 129 366 Mae Al-Omari
5 August 2024
Alison Leivesley ; Hannah Marshall, 020 7833 4433020 7833 4433
Spanish, Greek and Punjabi
12 August 2024
AL Law
Ms Amanjit Lalli 07342 301403
Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu
19 August 2024
Charles Strachan
Pam Sanghera 07377 449939
Punjabi, Hindi, Yoruba, Pidgin, French, Gujarati
26 August 2024
Duncan Lewis Solicitors
Adeeba Naseem 07920 077039
2 September 2024
Sills & Betteridge LLP
Chrystal Thefanous 07557 850212
9 September 2024
Venters Solicitors
Carly Fiander 01737 229 610
16 September 2024
Goodman Ray
Janet Broadley Kevin Skinner 020 7608 1227
23 September 2024
Charmaine Earley 01446 721000
30 September 2024
TV Edwards LLP
Sarah Inchley 0203 440 8158
Sylheti, Bengali, Farsi, Swedish, Italian, Finnish, Greek and German
7 October 2024
International Family Law Group
James Netto 0203 178 5668 07931 554772
Greek, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Bulgarian, Urdu, Punjabi, Dutch
14 October 2024
Moore Barlow
Laura White 01483 462953 07770 017339
21 October 2024
LDJ Solicitors
Gemma Kelsey 02476 745024 Mobile: 07731 373 468
28 October 2024
London Family Solicitor
Natalie Friday 020 3865 1535
4 November 2024
Campbell Hooper & Co
Stephen Aldred 01344 622141. 07818 795577.
11 November 2024
JI Solicitors
John Itsagwede 020 7732 8750
18 November 2024
Ellis Jones Solicitors
Georgina Emerson 01202057749 Work Mob: 07564580837
Counsel Rota

The list below represents chambers who have kindly volunteered to be on the Duty Scheme on a pro bono basis, but solely on the basis that they are instructed by a Duty Solicitor.


Solicitors are welcome to instruct the chambers below:

Contact Details
April 2024
Paul Hennessy 0207 427 5207
May 2024
Harcourt Chambers
Matt Molloy ; 020 7896 4523
June 2024
Pump Court Chambers
James Collier ; 0207 353 0711 07747 467 933
July 2024
Chris Gittins 02079361535
August 2024
1GC Family Law
Paul Harris ; 020 7797 7900
September 2024
Field Court Chambers; Barry McAlinden; Martina van der Leij 0207 405 6114
October 2024
5 St Andrew’s Hill Chambers
Dean Farlam Kyle Morris 0207 332 5400
November 2024
7 Bedford Row
Family Clerks 020 7242 3555
December 2024
36 Family
Ollie Waite; 020 7421 8019
Information for users of the Duty Advocate Schemes

We thank you for expressing your interest in CALA’s Duty Advocate Scheme. Being part of the scheme means that you will be using your expertise and unique position as specialist solicitors or counsel to assist litigants in person in international proceedings in the High Court. We are delighted that so many of you are willing to assist with this Scheme.


The Duty Advocate Scheme from April 2024 onwards consists of:

  1. A rota of Duty Solicitors; and

  2. A rota of counsel’s chambers.

In broad terms, CALA runs a Duty Advocate Scheme, aimed at assisting litigants in person in international cases in the High Court. The cases often come in at very short notice, and are usually referrals from opposing counsel or solicitors, judges or the Tipstaff. Through the scheme, a litigant in person is connected with a Duty Advocate, who is a solicitor, accredited by ICACU. The solicitor often assists either at court or following the hearing, or can instruct counsel. The scheme has proved invaluable and has thankfully been very well received from judges and practitioners alike. A lot of the cases involve child abduction; there is also the occasional care case, some Tipstaff/enforcement or committal applications, or complex child arrangement matters. This all takes place in the High Court, and there is no expectation for any solicitor to go on the record or to do advocacy etc – they simply offer as much as they feel comfortable doing.


We must make clear that CALA itself does not instruct the Duty Advocate or any counsel involved; the lay client instructs the solicitor directly, who then instruct counsel. We ask that advice is provided on a pro bono basis to start with.


Solicitors have the option of either undertaking the advocacy themselves or instructing counsel from the counsel’s rota. We understand that there are some fairly complex issues regarding counsel being insured with pro bono work without a solicitor; as such, for the Duty Scheme, we work on the basis that if counsel are involved, they are instructed by the Duty Solicitor in question (and not by CALA). Counsel are asked to consider this and how this accords with their professional obligations and insurance.


What the Scheme entails

The purpose of the Scheme is for solicitors and counsel to provide assistance and advice to litigants in international proceedings, initially on a pro bono basis. We suggest this can include:

  1. Providing advice before, during and after hearings;

  2. Representing a client at a hearing, including undertaking the advocacy at a hearing at your discretion;

  3. Liaising with and instructing counsel if you so decide (who will also appear on a pro bono basis);

  4. Assessing the client for legal aid and exploring alternative funding options with them;

  5. Signposting the client on for support or other assistance, including with embassies, other legal charities, other sources of advice, and mediators (specifically Reunite).

There is no obligation to go on court record, nor to provide continuous advice to a client. We would hope that firms and counsel will assist where they can, for as long as they feel comfortable. All we ask is that you do what they can to assist clients and the court by advising those who approach the Scheme. It may involve assisting at short notice, perhaps by telephone, or by video call, or indeed in person.


CALA’s Role and who the Scheme is aimed at

CALA will play no role in instruction of solicitors or counsel, or indeed in relation to the provision of any assistance or advice; we act as a pro bono signposting service, connecting litigants in person with specialist solicitors. As such, each firm and chambers are obliged to follow their own professional duties and obligations, including insurance, provision of advice, client care, and complaints handling – as is the case with other Duty Schemes. You may wish to consider the Law Society’s Practice Note, “Court duty scheme for private law family clients” ( ). 


CALA cannot vet any advice, but by signing up to this Scheme, you confirm that (1) as a solicitor, your firm holds specialist Resolution accreditation in child abduction or are similarly experienced in this field, or (2) as counsel, you hold the requisite experience to act in international children matters.


Conversely, if you are acting for a party, please do consider referring a litigant in person opponent to our Scheme.


For any further enquiries, please contact CALA on:

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