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Duty Advocate Scheme - Call for Volunteers

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

In considering how CALA could assist the community moving forward, the Committee would like to seek the views of the membership as to establishing a Duty Advocate Scheme to assist with abduction and international children matters at the Royal Courts of Justice. Modelled on the public law duty solicitor schemes found in many family courts, we would wish to ask CALA members for their help in setting this up. Volunteers would be part of a rota, offering their assistance on a pro bono basis. Volunteers must be based in England and Wales. The scheme would be open to solicitors, and we are exploring the possibility of counsel being involved, potentially on the basis of being instructed by a CALA Member under this Scheme. At this stage, we are seeking to ascertain the level of volunteers, so that we may approach the Court to formalise the Scheme and possible rota. To find out more, or to volunteer, please complete this form.

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